Press Coverage Roundup

Our second Wicked Pig challenge film is coming very soon, and the topic is celebrity…

Appropriately enough, the gormless faces of Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer have been turning up in all sorts of odd places recently. Here is a roundup of some of them:

1) This week’s edition of YourCanterbury includes an interview which is by turns sarcastic, sobering and hyperbolic (left – click image to enlarge) as well as a generous plug for this ‘ere Bakery website. Our thanks to Florence, the journalist.

2) The University of Kent ran with ‘Kent alumni named Britain’s next comedy double act’ and even embedded our video on the University homepage for a short time . . . despite YourCanterbury having labelled our campus-based occupations “the most boring jobs in the world” above . . .

3) Amongst such worthy headlines as “What entrepreneurs want from their accountants” and “100 days later – what has the Coalition done for you?” can be found an article about our egg portrait business model, which concludes “it’s probably more of a lesson on how not to set up a business” at the official website of Real Business ‘The Champion of UK Enterprise’

4) The Canterbury Times (formerly Adscene) along with the Kentish Gazette and This Is Kent website have all featured variants of this article which includes an extremely accurate quote from Dan. Accurate apart from the bit about being “over the moon” (he didn’t say that) . . . oh, and the bit about us writing together for 5 years (we haven’t been) . . . and the bit about “showing the world what we can do” . . . okay, he didn’t say any of it. Makes you wonder why they even bothered interviewing us. Oh that’s right, they didn’t.

5) One of the proudest moments of our Internet career so far: we appeared at the top of the B3ta newsletter!

6) And apparently we also deserve a brief blog entry on Ant and Dec’s “No.1 Fansite on the Web”

This is all a bit odd.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more, and remember the second Wicked Pig challenge is imminent!


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  1. The veritable Tom Mathias

    The sheer range of sites that the video is mentioned is brilliant. Let’s hope SurAlan has had a look at your eggscellent business model. The picture in that article is my favourite now. The B3ta mention is great too. Let’s see where the second challenge appears!

  2. Just to say that all of the above articles were most amusing. My favourite being that you managed to get yourselves into Ant and Dec’s blog, Dec has been a secret crush of mine since those glory days of Byker Grove, and to see you beside him was truly a moment I shall never forget. Well apart from the episode where he takes his top off to impress Charlie, who didn’t really like him anyway. Dirty wench.

    I have learnt some business skills also. Thank you.

    Kylie xx

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