Geoff Island’s Google history

We hacked into Geoff Island‘s PC and recovered the search history from his first year at Konkerbury University.

This was created with Google’s new Search Stories Video Creator, which is full of ‘heart-lifting’ and ‘life-affirming’ stories designed to make a bit of sick come into your mouth. I wanted to submit a video that was a little more downbeat and based in the mundane reality of life. After all, not everyone’s search history is about sodding happy endings and emotional journies, irrespective of what Google might claim.

What better time to call upon Geoff Island?


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  1. There’s somehting inherently trustworthy about Geoff. Not many people you can say that about.

    Has he considered standing for local government? At least the council, or at least a petition to stop something horrid in KKbury.

    He is someone we could all unite behind.

    Trust…Geoff Island. (Catchphrase like: “It’s Only Me!”)

  2. It genuinely delights me to know that Geoff Island has any admirers at all. I can’t imagine how he’d respond if he knew (actually I can – he’d give a bashful smile and celebrate with a nice egg custard tart.)

    Sadly I think even local government would be too tough for Geoff. All those people getting angry about pot holes and immigration and recession. I think he’d rather have a quiet read in Konkerbury library.

    But I’ll put the idea to him, see what he thinks. Also, I’d like to point out that we haven’t seen the last of Geoff. He’ll be back. Not sure when, but at some point. Hopefully before too long.

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