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Press Coverage Roundup

Our second Wicked Pig challenge film is coming very soon, and the topic is celebrity… Appropriately enough, the gormless faces of Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer have been turning up in all sorts of odd places recently. Here is a roundup of some of them: 1) This week’s edition of YourCanterbury includes an interview which is by turns sarcastic, sobering and hyperbolic (left – click image to enlarge) as well as a generous plug for this ‘ere Bakery website. Our thanks to Florence, the journalist. 2) The University of Kent ran with ‘Kent alumni named Britain’s next comedy double act’ and even embedded our video on the University homepage for a short time . . . despite YourCanterbury having labelled our campus-based occupations “the most boring jobs in the world” above . . . 3) Amongst such worthy headlines as “What entrepreneurs want from their accountants” and “100 days later – what has the Coalition done for you?” can be found an article about our egg portrait business model, which concludes “it’s probably more of a lesson on how not to set up a business” at the official website of Real Business ‘The Champion of UK Enterprise’ 4) The...

Ed & Will on BBC One

Our old friends Ed and Will popped up last night in the first episode of ‘Secret Britain’ on BBC One, which focussed on the south of England. Click here to watch their appearance, in context with the full programme. Warning: may contain Matt Baker.

Style creep…

Back in November 2008, i designed a load of assets for our entry into a small University film competition. For those who know the film, you’ll remember the roughly sketched items quite well. If not, please re-familiarize yourself with them: Well, the reason they looked the way they did was simple – my illustration skills have not progressed since my 6th birthday, and all were drawn at 3am whilst doing a load of final year degree work. Little did I know that this style I had inadvertently developed was to become somewhat of a craze within the stale design offices of the University and over the past year I’ve seen it be copied quite a few times. The latest derivative however has transcended the University and moved into the public transport sector of Canterbury. Cue the photo flow diagram: I’m not really sure if I should be flattered by this or worried that something i consider to be as good as a scribble on the back of a restaurant napkin has inspired, well, a scribble on the back of a bus stop sign. Either way, The Bakery has an undying reputation for pursuing plagiarism via the UK legal system, and I certainly wont let this one slip...

Tilt Shift

Here’s a nice film using an interesting technique called tilt shift. Basically, it makes every thing look miniature:

Geoff Island’s Google history

We hacked into Geoff Island‘s PC and recovered the search history from his first year at Konkerbury University. This was created with Google’s new Search Stories Video Creator, which is full of ‘heart-lifting’ and ‘life-affirming’ stories designed to make a bit of sick come into your mouth. I wanted to submit a video that was a little more downbeat and based in the mundane reality of life. After all, not everyone’s search history is about sodding happy endings and emotional journies, irrespective of what Google might claim. What better time to call upon Geoff Island?