Wicked Pig – Challenge 1.

Here at last, is the first of our Challenge Films for Sty TV!

And a trailer…


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  1. The veritable Tom Mathais

    This is best video yet. The London pastiche to jazz is brilliant and I love the snappy editting; I agree with Tom German when he says “Really feel you have found your style”.

    “I can’t believe a pound’s not enough.”

  2. Flexo

    I rate this +10 funny.

    I have actually been checking the blog every minute of every day in anticipation for this challenge.

    A very enjoyable watch chaps, however, it did force me to laugh out loud which makes me look somewhat mad in the office…

    I look forward to the next challenge!

  3. Loving the wicked pig thing. and I just watched Geoff Island at Christmas 2008 and almost cried. Really.

    And Tom German (for some reason both name and surname are always very necessary), your EKCAPA website is inspired.

    The Bakery makes the rest of the internet slightly shit and boring. Love it.

  4. I just watched this video for the fifth time, laughed uproariously and decided that I want to watch the next one.
    I am impatient for more Bakery treats!

  5. Another corker!
    Couldn’t help laughing out loud!
    Can’t wait for the next one!
    (Apologies for the over use of exclamation marks!)

  6. Brilliant. Why is this not on TV? It makes me laugh, and i’m a dour old blighter. Nothing on TV makes me laugh – you guys should be up there, doing the funny films for more people, right now.

    Bravo mightily. And thankyou.

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