We’ve redecorated

We hope you like it.

The paint’s still wet in a few places, so please bear with us while we make the finishing touches.

You’ll also notice that Chef Julian has returned from his 7 months travelling abroad. He has presents for everyone, but he’s also bought himself a new iPhone4 and will now resume his duties as our official representative on Twitter.

So, have a look around – what do people think of webakestuff.co.uk version 3?


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  1. Pretty darn pimping if you ask me! Looks amazing. I’ve had several little laughing sessions. I think the the portfolio pages are awesome and I’m in love with the awards bookshelf.

    It’s a smashing mix of great, clean design, with a site that works, is easy to navigate and simply put, is bloody awesome.

    Well done web King, King. I’m off to have a wonder in the world of the Bakery!

  2. Geodaddi

    Excellent bit of (re)decoration, although I note that you haven’t used any Hundreds n’Thousands? Very easy to navigate around and a big improvement, although I must admit a twinge of nostalgia for the old “opening recipe book” which I shall miss. If I allowed one observation though….. can you please rename ABOUT to something like CHEFS? I thought the shelf graphic is marvellous, but I am worried that nobody will see it! Usually when you click ABOUT, all you expect to see is:
    webakestuff.co.uk Version 3.09
    © 2009 The Bakery

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