Neitzsche was wrong. God is Alive. God is the Frank Chickens.

The Edinburgh comedy awards have long championed the best and most creative comedy. For years they were sponsored by Perrier, these days they endure a lager brand name. And they have just incurred the wrath of my favourite stand-up, Stewart Lee, by coming up with the most unimaginative, meaningless and generic way of promoting their new-found alliance.

They want the Internet public to vote for their ‘Comedy God,’ from all previous winners and nominees.

Yes, the idea is so beige and pathetic that it’s pretty embarrassing to think someone was paid to come up with it. It associates the best, most creative comedy, with commercial blandness and tired ITV talent show-style voting.

In a now well-circulated e-mail rant, Stewart Lee implored “Who among those you are asking to vote has even heard of [1984 nominees] The Frank Chickens, who for all anyone under 30 knows may be the best act on the list? It is not possible for the outcome of this vote to have any credibility.”

He’s right of course. And that’s why I’m asking you all to vote for the Frank Chickens as your Comedy God.

No, I’ve never heard of them either. Apparently they are “an obscure, disbanded Anglo-Japanese avant-garde musical group who specialised in singing about Japanese social conditions.”

The Frank Chickens are currently in second place. Click here and make them God.

Some say that getting passionate about this is missing the point. That the real purpose is to advertise Fosters and its new association with the comedy awards. But I disagree. Anyone who’s stupid enough to pay for the experience of drinking a pint of chilled Aussie piss* deserves their fate. This is really about championing creativity, imagination and the greatness of Edinburgh’s comedy scene. And having a laugh at the expense of marketing dullards.

Remember: drink local Real Ale, and vote for the Frank Chickens.

*brewed in the UK

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