Disparate Set Pieces

Chefs Richard and Dan have entered the following video into a competition to find “the best double act since Horne & Corden.”

Will they achieve their ultimate goal and become the face of a new pork snack?


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  1. Several things struck me whilst watching this video:-

    – That Richard and Dan argue like an old married couple. As chef Dan’s girlfriend, I find this slightly worrying. In addition to this point, conversations like the one which occurs at 09:53, are very much an integral part of Dan and Richard’s true relationship – I know this because I have spent many countless evenings, sat squished between them, listening to them talk about Bakery projects.
    – Dan DOES have the face of a man who eats pork snacks. However, I don’t like the comparison between the bearded ginger and James Corden.
    – I wanted and wished for Tom German to stroll nonchalantly into the frame during the labyrinth scene, smoking his pipe and talking about the rules of Victorian Dinner Fighting.
    – I love the fact that after Richard abruptly stops pushing the wheelchair, Dan continues to travel forward a few more inches. I have watched this over and over like a small child and it makes me laugh every time.

    Bravo, dear chefs – this is easily (at least for Hig) the most amusing film the Bakery has made…


  2. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    “You can’t be in a wheelchair.”
    “You CAN’T be in a wheelchair.”

    *cut to Dan sitting in wheelchair*

    It is great to see righteousness/curmudgenlyness next to wreckless enthusiasm and borderline hyperactivity (I’ll let you decide who’s who) and the surreality juxtaposed by a gritty, expectorating misanthropic malcontent.

    The sketches have a great pace and narrative they’re almost not disparate.

    The still image at 12:20 should be produced as a wallpaper to be downloaded.

    Best thing yet!

  3. Geodaddi

    Personally, I prefer 13:37.

  4. Alaric King

    I’ve watched this film about 10 times, and am proud.

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