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The New Faces of Wicked Pig Pork Snacks

Well that was unexpected. You may remember that Richard and Dan entered a competition run by Wicked Pig pork snacks to find a new comedy double act. The film, ‘Disparate Set Pieces’ saw Richard and Dan playing caricatures of themselves, in a film about making films. It was basically a satire of The Bakery. To our immense surprise – we won! That’s right: Richard and Dan are the new faces of Stytv and Wicked Pig pork snacks. That’s the most bizarre sentence I’ve ever typed. Look: What does this mean? Well, firstly, according to the terms and conditions: Richard and Dan will not express preference for any other snack category for a 12 month period Which, given Dan’s appetite, will be something of a challenge. But more importantly: Over the next few months Richard and Dan are going to be set a series of comic challenges, which they will have to tackle and document on film. The challenges will be set by Wicked Pig, and will come as a complete surprise to our duo. God alone knows what they’re going to get them to do. The Bakery’s summer has just got a hell of a lot busier . ....

Disparate Set Pieces

Chefs Richard and Dan have entered the following video into a competition to find “the best double act since Horne & Corden.” Will they achieve their ultimate goal and become the face of a new pork snack?