New Doritos advert

A couple of weekends ago the Bakery was mobilised, and after much hard work from both the Canterbury and London offices – plus lots of help from non-bakery freelance scientists – some new Doritos films were born.

These films are all entries into the new Doritos King of Ads competition. Those veteran observers of all things The Bakery may remember that we produced something similar a couple of years that won an award…

…So fingers crossed!



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  1. YES!

    Gate’s gusset is now the still for the 3rd film!

    How can we not win, with such a marvelous image as that!

    I love that gusset.

  2. I am extremely proud, in a way that only the Hig can be! 😀

  3. Miranda

    Are those swim shorts the same grape-huggers we bought for Richard Dadd for the trip to Hythe? I was also pleased to see Jan’s winter hat be put to good use again.

    • Chef Dan

      Yep: we saw the return of not only the raving crotch fest that are the speedos, but also the dazzling shell suit that Richard Dadd wore to great effect in Threshers wine merchants.

      I personally think it’s a pity we couldn’t get Al back in that lovely dress…

      • Miranda

        Yes that is a shame. He only wears dresses when we’re alone – i order this of him. When he refuses i beat him into submission with a statue of liberty souvenir wrapped in a Confederate flag. I call it ‘beating the English out of him’. I then make him sing the American national anthem.

        How does the bakery feel about this?

        • Chef Dan

          I think the Bakery is generally approving – except Max, who feels a better use of your time would be to strangle him with a maple leaf and force him to shoot a beaver.

          Oh and Richard, who likes to make Al wear a Beefeater Uniform while he hits him with some fish and chips.

          He conversely calls this ‘keeping up appearances’, or sometimes simply ‘the duty”.

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