Lazy Anthropology: a film by Pip Price

In times gone by, when Coffee & Corks was still the centre of Canterbury’s cafe culture, Michael Jackson had only just ceased being the baby sitter of choice for parents strapped for cash, and Tom German hadn’t yet broken the Estonian dubstep-black-metal scene, chefs Richard, Dan and Tom decided it would be quite the pleasant evening if they were to play the local folk open-mic night.

Calling themselves ‘Baffin Island’ – a name that would encapsulate the transient nature of the ‘band’ – they concluded that this night would be a one off, a tour de force of creativity, and, perhaps most importantly, that it would not be documented in any way.

It seems, however, that when they arrived at Coffee & Corks to play this now infamous gig, fate (or at least a budding anthropologist by the name of Pip Price) had other plans…

Ladies and Gentleman, Lazy Anthropology:


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  1. Tom German

    Expect my Estonian black – metal – dubstep debut soon. Its called ‘My Father used to know your uncle, didn’t he?’ and my rap name is Father Blacksmith

  2. In a word – fantastic!
    I wish I had been there.
    I should really use the Bon Jovi scale of professionalism more often in my life…!

  3. Arts-Council Grants

    I’m quite sad to see that ‘My Father used to know your uncle’ has not thus far been released. When is this to appear Tom German!?

  4. ‘My father’ is now being incorporated into the wider Baffin Island project. I am hoping that the song ‘My father used to know your uncle, didnt he?’ could well be the most boring rap song ever made. This is my hope

  5. Ben Turk

    This is very nice. I’ve held off watching it until now because the title put me off, and also the anaemic colours. I’m glad I watched it though, it was very good.

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