Probably the best Oscars speech.

I’m sure the small British man inside us all will find the following a little sentimental and stating the obvious, but I think there’s some profound and simple advice here.



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  1. Small!? The British man inside me is far from small! He is a proud Goliath bestriding the savages and the colonies! Let’s paint the map pink once again!

    Actually, less of the “British”! What have those Scotch scoundrels, and those Irish simpletons, and those thieving Welsh blaggards got to do with anything!? I’m an ENGLISHman, and this is my castle! Tom German’s coming round later (meerschaum and Cavendish Shag on hand) to tell me stories about his time on the Dark Continent, while we drink tea and toast crumpets and patronise some ladies.

    . . . But the chap in the video is correct. Creativity is never a waste of time.

  2. Mr Giacchino speaks the truth. He is an awesome man and I’m not just saying that because he composes the beautiful soundtrack for ‘Lost’!

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