Baffin Island

Information on Baffin Island will be forthcoming. Please return at your leisure. Until then, enjoy our other preoccupations…


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  1. Laura Tyrrell

    Pleased to see Baffin Island developing… ;.)

    Hope to see you guys soon.

    Love Laura (the one who thinks she’s ‘better than God)


  2. Thanks for visiting our blog Laura. Hopefully you shan’t have to wait TOO long for something else Baffin Island-related. Keep checking back…

    P.S. Do you think you’re better than ALL Gods? Or just the Judeo-Christian one? Do you think you’re better than Thor for instance? Or Vishnu?

    P.P.S. For those of you who are confused, we are NOT talking about the North American landmass. We are talking about an altogether bigger and more spectacular “Baffin Island.” With a shoe box. And a jaw harp.

    That’s probably just made things even more confusing…

  3. Tom German

    Im worried Baffin island are getting too big. I am therefore diverting my attention to my progressive rock outfit ‘And the fogg rolled in’ whose debut album ‘What i learned from Giants’ will be coming out next year on the Gimli Tribute Act record label.

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