3D Artist

Some of you might recognise this chap spotted in this month’s “3D Artist”…

Some of you might recognise the fine work of The Bakery in this month’s “3D Artist”…

Some of you might recognise that is infact Chef Dan Fryer hiding behind a shot from short film “Small Picture. Big Frame” in this month’s “3D Artist”…


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  1. Chef Dan

    This is amazing! I can’t tell you how much I scared my girlfriend on the phone when I saw this on the blog for the first time – she thought I was in pain I was so excited and lost for words.

    So this is what you were hiding from me Chef Adam? You sly dog you…

    So how did this come about? Be honest, did you sleep with a member of the editorial team?

    I have to say that this is the perfect crescendo to an already exciting week for members of the bakery!

  2. Jesus Christ

    It’s good to see you in a reputable magazine for once. I was getting worried that your career was taking a head-dive when you kept cropping up in Reader’s Wives, on all fours.

    Big J

  3. Having recovered from the shock of Chef Dan’s confusing emotional outburst on the phone this morning (see first post), intrigue/nosiness forced me to look at the blog.

    I am so incredibly excited by this post, but I want to know more! I want to see the actual magazine! And more of Chef Richard’s face from that teaser image of 27th Feb! Come on Chefs – satisfy my Bakery needs! 🙂

  4. This is truly excellent Adam, well done! Really impressive. And is your showreel really on the cover disc!? That’s extraordinary coverage for you! How chuffed you must be.

    However your show has been hilariously stolen by Mr Dan Fryer, who with powers of influence only The Fryer could possibly exert has managed to smuggle himself (against all odds) onto the printed page, evading any Photshop attempts.

    Such is the magnetism of Dan Fryer.

  5. Kylie

    How terribly exciting, and what a wonderful photo of Flex, so groomed. Congrats Dan on somehow being in it.. jammy!

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