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Venting smoke at Cadbury

Tom’s 3rd pipe smoking instalment.

Richard Dadd stands up and gets laughed at

Earlier this month “Coffee & Corks” held a night of comedy and spoken word with top-notch foolery and storytelling from the legendary Devilstick Peat, as well as poetry from compere Rick Bollinger, and lots more besides. There was also stand-up comedy . . . Now, I’ve run away and hid from all previous invitations to perform at the cafe, but this time I finally gave in because it was in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity. Cancer’s a pile of shit and 2 people close to me lost family members to it last year, so I decided to stop being such a bloody coward and try to make people laugh to help raise money for this cause. Thankfully it went rather well. A very poor quality audio recording was made, and can be heard below. It was originally made just for my own reference, and the sound quality is far too poor to go on the Bakery Audio Player. But hopefully you can all ignore the constant ruffle of my coat on the microphone and still enjoy the material. I’m thinking about refining the set and maybe performing it again some time, so maybe there will one day be...

Lucy Kitt

Friend of The Bakery and local Canterbury musician Lucy Kitt (you may remember her guitar-plucking cameo in “Chair” ) may well win some studio recording time if she gets enough plays of the video below. And who wouldn’t want a shiny new Lucy Kitt CD on their shelf? Give it a play, do! Live and Unsigned – Times They are a changin/ Loud and Clear on MUZU

Pipe Smoking in London

After the splendid warm welcome that the YouTube pipe smoking community gave Tom in his first film, we were very eager to make another. This time we ventured all the way up to London Town, to bring a hint of England and the outdoors, to what remains a rather American-bedroom centred video community. Enjoy.

Probably the best Oscars speech.

I’m sure the small British man inside us all will find the following a little sentimental and stating the obvious, but I think there’s some profound and simple advice here. Amen.

Baffin Island

Information on Baffin Island will be forthcoming. Please return at your leisure. Until then, enjoy our other preoccupations…

3D Artist

Some of you might recognise this chap spotted in this month’s “3D Artist”… Some of you might recognise the fine work of The Bakery in this month’s “3D Artist”… Some of you might recognise that is infact Chef Dan Fryer hiding behind a shot from short film “Small Picture. Big Frame” in this month’s “3D Artist”…