Why do a year in industry?

Ladies and gentlemen, the project we’ve been teasing you with for weeks: The Bakery is proud to present …


It’s been hectic in The Bakery Kitchen putting this together. Click below to witness the very special blend of beer, immaturity and Macbook-poncery that goes into cooking up every intense Bakery product …

A couple of years ago, when we still students, we were rather vocal in our criticism of cheesy, unimaginative promotional videos made for the University of Kent. In fact we made a shot-for-shot satire of the worst offender.

However, as alumni of the University of Kent, we are naturally fond of the place. And we have previously gone on record with a little earnest praise and creativity in the form of our award winning “Kent Uni Is…” film.

So, when the University actually asked us to cook up some promotional material with a distinctive Bakery flavour, it was time to put our money where our mouth is…

The project was to promote undergraduate placement years. This was handy, because we’re not in the habit of whoring out our oven for any old Tom, Dick or Harry, but this is a scheme which we happen to have some sympathy with. In fact Chef Alaric can speak authoritatively on the subject, as he actually  did a year in industry with Team Rubber. What’s more, as recent graduates, we’re all painfully familiar with the current job market.

Unfortunately, after we bought the domain name jobmarketjulian.co.uk, Chef Julian’s busy schedule prohibited him from taking part in the project, so Chef Richard stepped in to play the part of “Job Market Julian.”

Thus we present 1 website, 3 films and 3 inspirational wallpapers, which hopefully leave you with the message that a year in industry will make you a marginally more attractive candidate than every other Barry who’s just left University…


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  1. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    These are great.

    My brother in PR described them as “very viral/marketingy”.

    It’s great that KENT came to you for this and that they didn’t take umbrage at the excellent Electronics video.

    “Everyone loves a good hand out” is my new desktop.

    • The Veritable Tom Mathias

      I put the most important things into JM Jules’ hands.

      • The Veritable Tom Mathias

        By that I mean, I position the icons for those things over his hands.

  2. I love and approve.


  3. Incidentally, I miss darling Julian on Twitter!!

    • The Veritable Tom Mathias

      A different Julian darling methinks. Could he offer JM-Julian a place in the med-biz? I’ll try to pull strings at IPC.

  4. hey Richard, Julian is great! Especially like the last video!

  5. isabella

    Very funny! If I was a grad now, this vid would put fear of God in to me, as well as making me laugh.

    Richard – you’re channelling graduate Partridge a little (that’s a complement!) btw My housemate thinks you ‘look like Johnny Depp.’ Hahaha.

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