Look at his little Brummie face

A teaser image for your delight and delectation…

Something exciting...

…expect something exciting (eventually).


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  1. How can you taunt me like this?! When can I see more?!

  2. Oooo! This is a still from a video – not only can i tell this by the size ratio (and weird black bars – not NTSC/25p mistake i hope, but a stylistic anamorphic crop), but neither djf21 or Babb Dadd own a camera that has that depth of field….Matt’s mini Cannon HD thing i’m guessing (he recently got a new battery). And it’s Coffee and Corks.

    Definitely a low budget porno, in which a young, ginger impressionable cafe waiter gets talked into a “modelling” contract, buy a lewd, tea sipping Brummie.

    Lots to look forward to Hig!

  3. Sidmouth Nutting

    Hmmm. I would say that you were close Mr King, but not quite on the biscuit.


    Furthermore, as man who knows a thing or two, I would say that Coffee & Corks is rather too dark a place, what?

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