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I’m currently remaking my portfolio, after a year of it showing the same damn work and looking generally very shit. Whilst in the process of gathering all of my old work together, I found a truly old piece of cake left behind the oven. Though unlike a lot of the stale old rubbish I find, I actually really like this short animation I made. After all, it was my first attempt at 3D modelling, rigging and animating. Bakery friend Pete Triggs was instrumental in the construction of this film; providing me with Dairylea sandwiches and valuable knowledge on how to use that god-awful program Maya.

Also comes with mandatory Jazz Remix.

Watch out Adam Droy, that job at The Mill is mine.


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  1. Chef Dan

    Ahh I remember this!

    It’s great – my favourite part abeing the tuna can still at the end 😉

    hmmm… I think it’s time that we had a bit of an airing of some of the old films on the blog. You have started something great Alaric…

  2. Charlie Trigger

    seminal, life affirming work.

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