From the archive #2…

The Bakery’s spring cleaning continues, as we stock up the larder with well-matured projects of old.

Our Youtube and Vimeo channels have received a long-overdue topping up of films and (for those of you who missed it) our recent BBC Radio Kent Christmas feature is at last available on the Bakery Audio Player!

But I thought it was time to air one particular project on the Blog, cooked up many moons ago by Chefs Alaric and Max. Namely, this splendid documentary on Canterbury’s Chaucer College . . .

I’m allowed to enthuse about this Bakery production (ignore the “Black Box” business) as I had absolutely no part to play in its creation.

I do think it’s an important little film. It’s not only entertaining and enlightening, but it also presents a bare and honest view of Chaucer College, without any deceitful, prospectusy smokescreens. This insular, well-hidden college is a bit of a mystery even to those (like myself) who have lived right next to it, so it’s fascinating to see inside, and to see what kind of experience it offers those students who travel halfway around the world for oily food and curfews. 

I know the University of Kent were relatively keen to brush this film under the rug, which is why it should be seen. It’s a nifty piece of journalism, voicing the opinions of individuals whom, one senses, would otherwise go unheard. 

And remember: if your dad says you’re not going out tonight, then you’re not going out tonight.


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  1. Charlie Trigger

    shit still holds up.. my favourite work of alaric king. raw and earthy

  2. Geodaddi

    S’funny…. I don’t remember Chef Richard staying in just because his dad said so! I had to do a double take looking at the picture of “From the archive #2” Is Midsomer Murders about to move to Canterbury? I am sure that the YouTube title shot is the moustachioed replacement for John Nettles!…Actor Neil Dudgeon
    – but it might just be my imagination.

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