A small winter intermission…

For anyone who listens to BoC, I think it’s impossible to disagree on the choice of visuals to this track. This is truly one of the finest videos I think I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Richard Dadd

    Wonderful music, and video.

    I love Boards of Canada, however (in contrast to this video) their music has always spoken to me of failed 1960s societal ideals and industry and Brutalist architecture. When I listen to them I always imagine vast beautiful expanses of sad concrete and dystopia and the space race that never fulfilled its promise.

    I don’t think it can be stated that “it’s impossible to disagree” with the visuals. Electronic music like this is so abstract that surely its multi-interpretability is one of its greatest artistic strong points. There is no argument here to agree or disagree with, it’s simply a matter of what you see when you hear the music.

    Personally, I think the undoubtedly stunning images above would actually fit better with a Sigur Ros track. For me, their music better resonates with beautiful barren landscapes and harsh nature and the cold north. I think the Northern Lights would look spectacular to Sigur Ros. As for Boards of Canada, I prefer my own dystopian concrete imaginings.

    But as I say – great video and a great track.

  2. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    I bought three Boards of Canada based on listening to this song this morning.

    • Marvellous stuff! Which 3 tracks, oh London dweller?

      • The Veritable Tom Mathias

        I was mondo tired, and omitted the word album, I bought: Geogaddi, The Campfire Headphase and Music Has the Right to Children.

        Good ones I hope.

        • Oh yes! “Julie and Candy” on Geogaddi is a superb track. And the other 2 albums are just the finest musical love making you’ve ever heard. Look out for the tracks Olsen, Peacock Tail and Roygabiv.

          Also, only me and you will appreciate this Tom – BUT CHECK OUT THESE NESTED COMMENTS!!! Fuck yea.

          • The Veritable Tom Mathias

            I do like them, but the tester in me wonders what happens if I do this.

  3. Geodaddi

    The legal department of Geodaddi plc and the British Oxygen Company would like to disassociate themselves from the underhand attempt to infiltrate the primary colour “Aubergine” between green and blue in the spectrum. Apart from anything else, it will bugger up the re-issues of “Dark Side of the Moon”

  4. Alaric King I let a lot of your spelling errors go without comment, but how have you managed to spell “Roygbiv” wrong you massive prune!?

    It’s a word that TELLS you how to spell it! It’s the colours of the spectrum! (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet)

    Sigh. This is what proof-reading for a living does to you. I used to be a pedant. Now I’m an arse.

    • HAHAHA! I hope i live the rest of my days making obvious literary bugger ups, just so you can watch from a your pedestal shaking your head and saying “that boy never learns”. The view from up there is good, or so my father frequently informs me!

  5. What’s literary about the colour wheel . . ?

    . . .Oh, and I assume you meant “from your pedestal” rather than “from a your pedestal.”

    . . . Oh, and presumably you intended to capitalise your first person pronoun?

    Me and my father (Geodaddi) made our above comments simultaneously as it happens. So I guess there’s three of us up here on this pedestal.

    And we’ll be watching over you, proof-reading your every utterance for the rest of your life. Laughing at your tax returns, sniggering at your medical forms, mocking you every time you put fingertip to keyboard, or wax-crayon to paper. You will never be free of us!

    Lynn Truss is coming round later to poke you with a stick.

    Tut-tut. That boy never learns.

  6. Alaric King

    Ahem. That’s “Lynne Truss”, with an ‘e’.

  7. touché!

    Welcome to the Pedants’ Club, Alaric.

    We trust you will enjoy your membership. But please be warned, we are stricter than the Masons.

    We have a very severe policy. One misused apostrophe and you’ll be ostracized.

    . . . and yes, that does involve a large flightless bird and a pair of garden-shears.

    • The Veritable Tom Mathias

      Actually, it’s the Pedants’ Society, but we’ll let that one go.

      • Geodaddi

        Sorry Tom, it really is the Pedants’ club. It is wooden and very large. The primary purpose is to stun, before applying the beak and shears…

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