The Bakery does it again!

On Tuesday the 8th of December 2009, Chef Fryer and myself attended the award night for the CG Whiz competition being run by Escape Studios in conjunction with none other than The Mill.

After submitting my showreel to the competition I was emailed explaining that I had been shortlisted as one of the winners. The top prize: A course at Escape Studios and a placement at The Mill.

As third place was announced it became clear that I was in the top two! (Chef Fryer had made off with the events stash of Champagne at this point and was luring the ladies of London into his custom-temporary love nest (the broom cupboard).

Second place was announced…


I had WON!

That’s right folks. The Bakery has YET ANOTHER award to add on top of it’s baking oven.

There could only be one winner and that was Adam!

A brief selection of media from the night can be found below. Most of the photos have been removed of the ladies leaving from Fryers temporary “Love Nest” for legal reasons.


Enjoy the totally “unrehearsed”, “first take”, “non-scripted” interview:

That said I am genuinely very happy to have won and look very much forward to doing the course. Exciting times are ahead. Thanks to those involved with the competition (if you were to ever stumble upon The Bakery).

Chef Adam

CG Whiz


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  1. Excellent!

    Well done Chef Adam (or “Flex” as you are known in the industry), you’ve done the Bakery proud.

    I urge all those reading this post to check out 1:36 for some great eyebrow action…

  2. Congratulations, fab work. 😉

  3. HOOOOOOOOOORARRRRR!!! Well done bruv!

    Though i am slightly pissed at the minimal amount of video of you. I had massive ideas of creating the worlds finest Drum & Bass cut-shut edit remix of you, claiming all sorts of filthy things – it was going to be ground breaking.


    • Chef Adam

      As soon as I heard there was going to be a video, I had nightmares about future remixes…phew. Next time.

  4. Richard Dadd

    This is truly amazing news Adam. Well done!

    I can’t believe you’re going to be a few computers away from people working on the new series of Doctor Who! This is one of the most exciting Bakery Facts ever. And I bet you don’t appreciate it, you bloody phillistine. Let’s hope the chaps at The Mill educate you as to why Doctor Who is the single greatest cultural achievement of our civilisation.

    Oh, and I’m glad The Bakery has now supplied Creative Flour to The Mill . . .

    Have a gold star Mr Droy, you’ve really come up trumps here.

  5. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    Congratulations Adam!

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