On the 2nd day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . TWO WANDERING MINSTRELS

Back in the summer Dan and Richard ventured into the wilds of Wales in search of Will & Ed – two old friends of The Bakery who carve out a unique lifestyle walking the country, sleeping outdoors and singing for their supper. The results were broadcast on BBC Radio Kent and formed the final instalment of our Canterbury series for Dominic King.

But there is always more to be said. 

Indeed, those 5-minutes barely scratched the surface of Will & Ed. Their story is a multi-faceted one, full of people and ideas and anecdotes and strange dreams. It is hard to do them justice in such a short space as we had. 

So, come in from the cold, grab yourself a hot drink (mulled wine? hot chocolate?) and cast your mind to summery evenings by crackling campfires. We are proud to present a brand new half-hour programme of entirely new material, which allows us to paint a fuller, more authentic picture of our time spent with Will & Ed.


We hope to give you an impression of how earnestly Will & Ed have set about their journey, and how friendly and thought-provoking is their company. We will also find time to sprinkle in a few songs, and quiz them about the seeming contradiction between the modern media and the Mediaeval minstrel. It’s a less frantic pace than the usual Bakery fair, politely requesting an attentive listener, but we hope you will do us the kindness of finding half-an-hour to earwig on our fireside musings . . .



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  1. Rich Dad's rich dad

    As instructed, sat by a crackling log fire with a steaming mug of Assam (God I sound like Julian!) eating a spiced bun and loving every minute of the Will & Ed interview. The Bakery Audio Player is just what we have all been waiting for.

  2. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    This is amazing, I had to take out my earphones to talk to someone and came back to the dream story, took me a minute or two to realise what he was saying wasn’t real.

    Very good.

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