On the 1st day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . A JAM-PACKED RADIO OF JOY!

It’s here at last . . . the Bakery Audio Player!

Our BAP is fresh out of the oven.

Yes that’s right, all of The Bakery’s audio hotcakes are now available in one place. And what a sexy looking little place it is, courtesy of much interior decorating by Messrs Alaric King and Max Heide. So, whether you want to indulge in the studenty sitcom antics of Konkerbury, or revisit our Gulbenkian Podcasts packed to the brim with top comedians, it’s all here. In fact there is OVER SIX HOURS of free audio produce here for your delectation. And the list will keep getting bigger. So, without further ado, lend us your ears . . .



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  1. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    This is amazing!

    I love listening to Konkers at work.

    Thanks guys!

  2. The Bakery Player excites me so much that whilst in Chef Dan’s lovenest, I tripped over some audio equipment and jars of mayonnaise in my haste to get to the computer and start listening.
    Tres bon. 😀

  3. Very glad to hear that Mr Mathias is happy to risk a telling-off from his boss in order to re-live the days of Jagz & Micka, Geoff Island and Peter Farthings!

    Also glad to hear Miss Hig’s approval. Be careful in that bedroom though Higgins! I’ve heard a rumour that Dan’s ex-girlfriends are all still in there somewhere, trapped under the microphone stands and the books on Post-Modern Literary Criticism. He’ll find them all one day and have a lot of explaining to do.

  4. . . . I’m aware, given the current state of my bedroom, that last comment is sheer hypocrisy.

    Still funny though.

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