PIXAR announces Bakery Biopic movie

PIXAR studios have announced their next big CGI blockbuster will be an animated biopic telling the true behind-the-scenes story of the rise of The Bakery. A spokesman for PIXAR said “we are all just so in awe of those guys. When we brainstormed ideas for our next picture, we realised there was really only one option. And with unprecedented access to the minutes from all Bakery meetings, we know we can tell the true story of what goes on.”

A preview of “A Canterbury Tale – The Rise of The Bakery: A True Story (working title)” is available below . . .

Personally, I think it’s all far too in-jokey . . .


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  1. “Good Bye, you new media tosser”! HAHAHAHAHA!

    I have never been more proud, than to have my true nature crystallised in CG. It’s just like a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

    I think you may have introduced us to a new area of production Richard…or do i mean procrastination…

    I’ll have my revenge….

  2. “Dan Fryer’s love nest full of audio equipment and jars of mayonnaise”


  3. Tom Mathias

    This is the best thing on the internet.

  4. Yankee Doodle Randy

    Admittedly, I did in fact ‘laugh out loud’ a number of times while watching this. However, I must also note that I found the undertones of anti-American vernacular quite disrespectful to my country of origin. Myself, Uncle Sam, and the Eagle of Truth on the front of Tom German’s t-shirt would certainly not approve.

    That said, the hand gesture at 1:17 may be by far my favorite part of this hilarious little documentary, along with the list of matters Al must attend to at the end. ha! Thank you for making this, Richard. You certainly have your way with the (British) English language.

  5. Tom German

    I loved this! I was weeping with tears comprised of 50% sadness, 20% joy and a further 30% surprise! Well done Richard.

  6. That is amazing, I had to watch it twice. It just gets funnier each time you watch it. I think I might have wet myself, I’m off to go check.

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