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Couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful film with everyone.

Hallowe’en on BBC Radio Kent

Our Special Hallowe’en Feature for BBC Radio Kent will be floating through the airwaves today at 6.45pm. Join local ghost expert John Hippisley (Ghost Hunter, writer, investigator of Paranormal experiences) as he leads Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer through the ancient back streets of Faversham, recounting stories to quicken the pulse and curdle the blood. The Special is expected to broadcast at 6.45pm on Dominic King’s show. Missed it? Never mind, listen below… Thanks to John Hippisley, whose Canterbury Ghost Tour is conducted twice weekly; information on this, and his book ‘Haunted Canterbury’ can be found at his official website. Also – Our sincere gratitude to Mr Tom German Esq. for his atmospheric violin playing; thus ensuring that “Rustic Knives” have finally made it onto the airwaves, albeit in a somewhat unexpected form!

2009 has been a vintage year for religious sightings…

…so the article on the MSN news website suggests: Likenesses of Jesus or the Virgin Mary have been spotted in objects as diverse as the lid of a jar of Marmite, a toilet door, a restaurant griddle, the surface of the planet Mars, and a tree stump in Rathkeale, County Limerick… Well, being the season for scary and unsettling things, I share with you a tale of how I came to see the messiah on an item of my clothing. Like every Chef at the bakery, my wardrobe rarely sees any new additions. Frustrated at this, my wonderful girlfriend decided to buy me a loin cloth, in an attempt to add (and I directly quote her) “Style, finesse, masculinity and a Neanderthal allure” that apparently I needed. So after a long tiring day in front of a computer, I removed said loin cloth and was left speechless at the patterned filth that had accumulated on it, from the hard day’s work: Now, as we have seen previously in the blog, Microsoft are regarded as an industry leader on ‘being wrong’. But with this particular content-filling-sensational-pile-of-balls-appealing-only-to-bored-office-workers-and-me article, I think they may be right: this year IS a vintage year for religious sightings,...


As it is Chef Dan’s birthday today, and yet the credit crunch looms on, I thought it was time to dust off this for a second year running. Available at all good stores.

Dancing Agreements

Have you ever needed a second opinion on something? But always felt a little protective, as it’s creative and personal, and you’re scared of someone saying “it’s a load of balls, what the hell were you thinking”? Well, the bakery’s procrastination department is happy to release these nodding heads, to approve absolutely anything you ask them. Your indecisions can now be backed up by hard working, honest faces of Richard and Dan. Or alternatively, download them to your desktop and watch them both nod in agreement to 50 cents new audio philosophy book: 50 Cent – The 50th Law

How To Prove You’re Not Shit – by Microsoft

Just over a year ago I joined the crowd of poncey Macbook owners who cheerily assert that they are in possession of superior technology. I never thought I would make the leap – it was all Chef Alaric’s fault – but (unlike Al’s attempts to indoctrinate me to raw veganism, and spiritual enlightenment via the wearing of three-quarter length shorts and hessian underpants) I was soon convinced of The Apple Truth. To be fair, most of us have been a bit slow to catch on. Douglas Adams was saying all this in the Eighties and everyone ignored him. We’re fools. Anyway, Microsoft have decided they’re clearly in need of morale (and a continued customer base) so they’re congratulating themselves on the release of Windows 7. And they think we should all hold a party in their honour. And I’m not being sarcastic. They really do think we should hold a party in their honour. I want everybody who reads this post to watch the video below. In its entirety. Don’t chicken out halfway through. Watch it all. It’s excruciating. And it proves that you really can get actors to do anything. My God. I think my favourite thing about...