BBC Radio Kent Ep.6 – WILL & ED

Our radio series reaches its conclusion this week, as we set up camp with Will & Ed.

Will & Ed are walking around Britain, going where the wind takes them, leaving footsteps and songs and woodsmoke in their wake. We wanted to find them. So Dan and I headed Westwards with a tent, some smoked salmon, and the end of our radio series in sight. Thus we came to be camping in a Welsh woodland with the nomadic duo. And as the cookpot of sausage-and-nettle stew blupped on the campfire, darkness fell, and Will & Ed told us their story . . .

To hear it yourself, just tune into Dominic King’s show (presented this week by Rosemary Crick) on BBC Radio Kent today from 4pm:


Our thanks to Will & Ed

Don’t forget to visit Will & Ed’s beautifully crafted website¬†

We hope you have enjoyed meeting the characters of this 6-part mini documentary series as much as we enjoyed tracking down and recording them. We would also like to thank Dominic King for giving us the opportunity to paint just a small audio picture of why Canterbury is such a wonderfully unique, vibrant and characterful place to live.

Richard Dadd & Dan Fryer

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