Our BBC series returns this week, with the fourth of our mini documentaries about fascinating locals.

Tony Cooper is a man of many talents, having worked as everything from a teacher to a stuntman. Nowadays he is a professional storyteller. With a dash of improvisation, he tailors tales for each assembled throng, adding local colour to ancient tales (such as those of the Middle Eastern character Nasrudin) and speaking to children and adults alike.

To hear our mini-documentary on Tony, just tune in to Dominic King’s show from 4pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

And, as a Special Bonus, just for The Bakery Blog, we’ve put together a hand-drawn animation to accompany Tony’s telling of ‘Nasrudin & The Hangman’s Dilemma’. Just click below to give it a watch, we hope you enjoy!

Our thanks to Tony

NEXT WEEK: A globetrotting Fool named Devilstick Peat . . .


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  1. My my!

    This is a brilliant little story, and the accompanying video is just perfection. Good references to Canterbury and projects of old! Brings back memories of Jackanory…which apparently Rick Mayal did an episode of! Shit the bed, i missed that one!

  2. Why thank you. Very glad you enjoyed it Mr King.

    There’s a definite dose of Jackanory. There’s also a teaspoon of “Noggin The Nog” in there, which was of course produced and narrated by local genius the late Oliver Postgate in a Blean-based cowshed. It occurred to me once I’d started the drawings that both this Nasrudin animation and “Noggin The Nog” were visually inspired by the Isle of Lewis chessmen.

    Here’s some wonderful Noggin, from a bygone TV age . . .

    Funnily enough, I DO remember Rik Mayall’s turn reading “George’s Marvellous Medicine” on Jackanory. Although I have far stronger memories of him reading on a similar (but cooler) CBBC programme called “Wham Bam Strawberry Jam,” which I can’t seem to find on YouTube, but which I definitely recall.

  3. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    I missed the broadcast and catch up for this one, but love the animation. Good work guys!

  4. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    Oh and Richard, Rik Mayall’s best reading will forever be the Bill Baldwin produced Grimm Tales.

    “Did you not think to wish for anything first?!”

  5. That was FANTASTIC!

    I’ve never seen this series before (I was only 2 when it originally went out!) so thanks for sharing that link Mr Mathias.

    Rik Mayall really is on top form here, isn’t he? His performance, voices, everything.

    Oh and I love that legged chair! I want one.

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