We’re Cooking Up Some Treats!

We’re never satisfied to sit still here at The Bakery. We may currently have a mini radio documentary series broadcasting on the BBC, but we are still pouring our creative energies into the Flour Mill of Dreams. 

Want proof?

Here is an intense picture of the Bakery in action:


So, what are we busy thrashing out?

This weekend we shall be toiling away on a series of short films which we have recently been commissioned to produce. There was a lot to debate during pre-production. Chickens are involved. And a flip chart. Phone calls needed to be made, budgets divided up.

Tom German was busy in our Hythe Office sorting out our overheads, but Julian still appears to be procrastinating in Finland. There was only one thing we could do – our American Correspondent Miss Gerzon was flown over at great expense, to take minutes and sort out the filing cabinet.

Here we are having creative differences: 


Rest assured that out of this maelstrom of fury and ego will come yet more media piffle for you to waste time listening to/watching/downloading.


The Bakery feels extremely honoured to be permitted an advance peruse of the not-yet-published selected short stories of Mr Andrew McGuinness. Titled “Kafka’s Chair & Other Stories” the volume should be coming forth from Bluechrome later this year. Apparently Mr McGuinness was sufficiently pleased with The Bakery’s coverage of his debut novel in our BBC Radio Kent short earlier this week that he would be very much interested in collaborating again some time. Quite what form such a collaboration would take we can’t yet be sure, but we’re delighted to have another happy customer!

Now, time to get back to arguing and blue sky thinking.


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  1. ‘No, really, it was a bald eagle, and it went that way.’

  2. “Richard, i disagree – a cross fade is way too early 2k. We’re looking at digital film burn effects now, the transition is cleaner more professional and keeps the discerning audience member asking “is this 35mm, but how? On their budget?” and that’s what we’re all about. Professionalism, on a budget…”

  3. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    Stop frame animation is an avenue yet to be investigated fully by the bakery.

    That’s all I’m saying.

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