Today on BBC Radio Kent: our third mini documentary!

This week we speak to Sue, about Canterbury’s cosiest and best cafe “Coffee & Corks.” Welcoming, comfortable, and undeniably bohemian, “Coffee & Corks” is open till midnight and serves all manner of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, ales and other alcoholic beverages; as well as forming a venue for local artists and musicians to showcase their work. It is also home to a number of little books, in which previous visitors have scribbled their thoughts.



Just tune into Dominic King’s show at 4pm today to hear more:

Our thanks to Sue and Claire.

NEXT TIME: Tony Cooper tells tall tales for a living . . .


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  1. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    I really enjoyed that.

    Coffee and Corks is such an integral part of what makes Canterbury unique. It’s a wonderful and comfortable place, you captured it great guys.

    Game of mancala and a cup of tea, the name of which you’ve never heard before, anyone?

  2. Great job on Coffee and Corks. And the e-book on your website is brilliant! Only two questions: i) did you have to leave any pages out (you know, too expletive for public consumption)? and ii) are dogs allowed into the coffee shop?

  3. Thanks for your feedback The Toms Twain. A game of Mancala and a pot of obscure tea sounds just the ticket, yes!

    As for our canine companion’s questions:

    i) No, Surprisingly! I am delighted to say that we left that book in the hands of the coffee drinking public for a couple of months, and there isn’t a single phallus in it! Every solitary page is reproduced, apart from a few blank ones. Everything that was written/drawn can be seen here.

    ii) Hmmm, your Master might have to adopt some dark glasses for you to get into C&C! I dunno. I don’t recall ever seeing any animals in there, but they’re so relaxed I wouldn’t be surprised if it was okay. It might raise a few eyebrows when you whack out your laptop and start blogging though!

  4. Chef Adam

    I loved this so much I listened to it immediately again straight after finishing it the first time.

    I fell in love with “Corks” the first time I walked in and enjoyed a coffee those many moons ago and to hear a little bit about the background of a place that we all have a connection with, in our own little way, was most enjoyable. I was engrossed throughout.

    The actors reading the extracts were superb and technically (to my ears at least) perfectly produced.

    Not forgetting to mention the Bakery’s Mr King’s (of the Alaric variety) smashing job of transforming the book into virtual form to be enjoyed by all no matter where they are.

    That’s it. Im sending this to my mother.

    Thumbs up, bring on next weeks.

    Flex x

  5. Hi! I literally just got the message you left on my site (sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you!)
    That book is great!!! The bit about the academic’s realisation that he’s turned into a ‘pretentious arsehole’ was definitely the highlight for me!

    I miss Coffee and Corks so much! I’ve yet to find another place that even comes close! Hopefully I’ll be coming to Canters very soon for a trip and my first port of call will be a coffee and a custard cream at you-know-where! and If I see a spare book lying around, I’ll be sure to write in it! 😀

    Much love

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