The second in our series of documentary shorts goes out today on BBC Radio Kent!

This week we talk to Canterbury author Andrew McGuinness about his debut novel. Against the backdrop of a fictionalised version of Canterbury, the book’s narrator (Ben Tippet) stands trial accused of arson and manslaughter. From his prison cell he muses about everything from his transsexual uncle, to his love of David Bowie; from his artistic delusions of grandeur, to whether or not he really did cause a man’s death.

You can listen by tuning into Dominic King’s show from 4pm on BBC Radio Kent. Those of you without a radio can make use of the handy link below:

If you like the sound of Andrew’s book, you can order it from Amazon (or you can avoid grumpy postmen and support your local bookshop!)

Readers may also be pleased to learn that Andrew’s pet dog, Tom, maintains a regular blog (yes you read that correctly) which contains all Andrew’s latest news (presumably overheard during walkies) It can be found here

Our thanks to Andrew

NEXT WEEK: Canterbury’s quaintest cafe (Coffee & Corks) collates a compendium of clientele’s quirky curiosities…


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  1. Terrific mini-documentary on the Arsonist novel,Richard and Dan! May I call you the Fabulous Bakery Boys, or is that just too cheesy?

  2. Nothing wrong with cheese. Cheese is good. Cheese scones. Cheese cakes. You name it. We are a Bakery after all.

    And ‘fabulous’ is a fine adjective.

    Just call us the Fabulous Bakery Boys.

  3. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    Great interview and I really enjoyed the reading on this, the acting, directing and producing was great and set the atmosphere very well.

    Who conducted the interview?

    Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Cheers Tom! Glad you enjoyed the extracts from the novel.

    The interview was conducted (As with all 6 of the interviews in this series) by both Dan and myself simultaneously.

    We usually just have a long chat with the subject (in this case Andrew) and record EVERYTHING. Dan and I try to speak as little as possible, and then afterwards we listen back to it and string together the various interesting comments into a 5 minute narrative.

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