Coventry Market . . . The Musical

This is a long overdue blog post. Watch this masterpiece . . .


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  1. Alaric

    The lady on the wheel chair with the recorder is the cherry of the feast in this…

  2. How on earth is this possible?

  3. Richard *

    Isn’t it simply amazing? There are so many bits that have me laughing out loud/recoiling in horror/squirming. I simply had to post it here, because ever since I first saw it on BBC Midlands Today it has never left me! Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat with the words spiralling in my mind.

    The bit with the 2 emo kids from the West Midlands, singing “this is the place where we can be who we want to be” always makes me laugh. They are celebrating Coventry by, erm, clearly expressing that they’d rather be living in American culture! Ha ha!

    Ah, Coventry . . . it’s so far from being my favourite place.

  4. Dominic King

    I want to live in that market. Please somebody take me there. It was like Oliver and Mary Poppins all over again.

  5. Richard *

    You are more than welcome to live in Coventry Market Dom, just don’t expect me to visit…

    And don’t get any ideas about a Canterbury Market Musical! It’s not happening!

  6. There may never be a Canterbury Market musical…… but have you seen that there is now one for Watford Gap Services!!!!!

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