Don’t panic…

For those of you who read The Kentish Gazette, i’d like to quell any panic or anxiety you may be experiencing from the following article:


We can assure you this is only a temporary hold up and business continues as usual; Richard is working tirelessly to clear our outstanding overheads.

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  1. I’m doing my best, but until Julian gets his finger out of his arse it’s going to make very little difference.

    The real problem is that The Bakery hasn’t been riding the recession properly. We’ve backed all the losers. We agreed to take that Woolworths advertising campaign on, and we had that deal going to distribute DVDs of CHAIR in Zavvi . . .

    At least we’ll make a fortune on all that Bakery sponsoring for Michael Jackson’s O2 Farewell Shows we’ve shelled out for. He’s doing 50 nights, we’re gonna be RAKING it in guys, you mark my words.

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