11 second club

Hello bakers and followers alike,

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to enter last months 11 second club (“I have no idea what he is talking about I should click here“). I wanted to enter, however, time did not allow. I have had a brief practise with last months audio though and Im looking forward to attempting this months sound clip.

SO, once again I invite you to suggest any ideas you might have about this months clip. (thanks Rich and Pete for your suggestions last month).

The shift in the emotion should make this a fun one to do, also to me it sounds like it he is in a container of some sort, maybe a glass one. Where is he? It has potential for a random place.

So, lets have them ideas. 🙂


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  1. Ruski Blogg

    It sounds to me like the sort of thing a man would say if he was coming out of the womb and the doctors were giving him dodgy looks for well for eating the baby?. It doesn’t have to be Brad Pitt, of course – in fact you needn’t even show the fella nor the ladies shaven haven – it could just be a shot from above the pregnant woman’s head (lets call her Bertha) framing the expression’s he meets on the doctors / nurses faces as he emerges. At least that’s the way I would do it coz I can’t animate for shit…

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