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BBC finally catches up with Konkerbury


Don’t panic…

For those of you who read The Kentish Gazette, i’d like to quell any panic or anxiety you may be experiencing from the following article: We can assure you this is only a temporary hold up and business continues as usual; Richard is working tirelessly to clear our outstanding overheads.

Post experiment

I’ve finally got round to making this idea happen. It’s getting posted to Mr Mathias in London, by second class post (i asked for the slowest possible). I can’t wait to see how many photos are taken – if any at all! I wonder if there is any protocol preventing postal workers interfering with the packages. If there is, i hope those that handle this particular package have the courage to ignore it, and take some photos. Watch this space…

Bakery on Spotify…

Thought this might be fun: Click here. Add some songs that you are liking at the moment. Listen to songs others are liking. Repeat. If you dont have Spotify (what are you doing!?) download it here for free. Please don’t remove songs, just add and enjoy. Chef Adam

Bakery Radio

Hello Bakery Listeners! PODCAST NEWS First things first, unfortunately there will be no new editions of The Gulbenkian Theatre Podcast released in the immediate future. We have just completed six solid months of Podcast production, taking in all manner of fantastic celebrities and guests, and we LOVE doing it, but alas we are all just too busy with other projects at the mo, and we decided this was a good point to take a break. The Gulbenkian is still Canterbury’s best theatre (well, the Marlowe is nothing more than a gutted carcass at the moment – Al, take pictures!) but my point still stands. This isn’t planned to be the end of The Bakery’s involvement with the Gulbenkian Theatre however, so watch this space. BBC RADIO KENT NEWS We’re currently cooking up a fun little series of audio hotcakes for broadcast on BBC Radio Kent. We’re focussing on quirky Kentish subjects, and the interesting characters that relate to them. As part of this series,  we have planted a book in top Canterbury cafe ‘Coffee and Corks’ and we’re delighted to see that the customers are filling up its pages. If you’re in the area, drop in for a cake...

Some real advice

This guys knows what’s up:

11 second club

Hello bakers and followers alike, Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to enter last months 11 second club (“I have no idea what he is talking about I should click here“). I wanted to enter, however, time did not allow. I have had a brief practise with last months audio though and Im looking forward to attempting this months sound clip. SO, once again I invite you to suggest any ideas you might have about this months clip. (thanks Rich and Pete for your suggestions last month). The shift in the emotion should make this a fun one to do, also to me it sounds like it he is in a container of some sort, maybe a glass one. Where is he? It has potential for a random place. So, lets have them ideas. 🙂 Adam