The return of Quentin Coming-Benson

I was horrified twice today, since finding this shit awful site Not only have they apparently stolen elements of the bakery blog’s design, but i found Tom German on there – masquerading as a trendy media ponce. Taking a normal photo, then photo shopping the buggery out of it to make it look all retro and ‘down with the kids’ – the typical trend on this website. I’m horrified. I thought Tom was a real man.


Click above, to see the context which i saw him. Or alternatively, head on over to his ‘look profile‘ to be blown away.


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  1. This is Fucking Brilliant!

  2. I also really enjoy his proximity to “rage of the evening”…

  3. Alaric

    What i find so fricking hilarious is the number in the black box to the left of the photo (

    This is the number of people who have ‘hyped’ it. ie, thought it was good. At the time of writing 6 people (6 FUCKING INDIVIDUALS!) have thought that Tom looks good in this outfit.

    I’m interpreting this as a tally chart for the number of users who currently have damaged retinas.

  4. Tom Mathias

    Whoever added Quinten-Coming-Benson to LookBook is my hero.

  5. I like to think that when Quentin clicks those red shoes together and whispers, “There’s no place like home”, he is instantly transported to Hythe…

  6. I disagree – I think he appears on a Bus which takes 3 hours to get there.

    Once, he accidentally clicked his heels as he got off, only to appear back at the start of the journey in Canterbury bus station.

    Some people think he got off there and then, preferring to suffer the Hells of Canterbury than to brave three more hours in the Canterbury/Hythe death run. This was not so however, such was his urge to return, he stayed fast where he sat, enduring the journey long into the night: and thus he is called Quentin the Bridge-Hearted, defying time and crossing boundaries mortal men can only dream of.

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