Sir Alan Sugar

Well, seeing as we appear to be taking it in turns to point out videos we like (and well done Dan, for your very worthy addition) then have a look at this joyous piece of editing. It’s had me chortling good and proper this morning.

Ha ha. Oh, I’m going to go and watch it all over again.

Right, you next Al.


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  1. This was really very funny – I can’t decide which bit is funnier: when he lists electrical equipment dropping from his arse, or the opening “bloody, bloody” sequence, which gets me just because it’s repeated so many times!

  2. “Scottish baby clothes” ; “600 pounds of a fish” ; “Tell us about Pants Man.” Each time I watch it there are new hilarious things. But you’re right, synchronising the “bloodies” with the music is ridiculous and funny.

  3. Because it’s lost me money!

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