Eben videos

This is the result of an evenings camera work down at Orange St. music club. Enjoy.


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  1. Brilliant edits Al! You make me a very happy man 🙂

    Has Eben seen them yet? I’m really intrigued to hear what they think. What are your thoughts on it then young Al? Are you happy with the finished product? How about you Mr Flex?

    I have to admit, I enjoy the use of black and white more than I thought I would: it’s really quite effective…

    It’s all good – I can’t even think of one criticism, which is a first for me!


  2. I agree, the edits are done very well. You conquered the beast that was our filming and multi cam editing. Having very briefly attempted one of the songs myself, I understand the challenges of editing these videos.

    I too look forward to Ebens response to the videos, I would be surprised if they weren’t happy with them.

    As a wise Mr Fryer pointed out, and a Dange the Flange Top Tip-er-roo of the month, always hold your shots for longer then you think you need to. I think our next shoot of such a subject will be much better having this experience under our belts.

    Edit: great.

    Filming: could have been slightly better, which would have helped in the edit – although I put this down to experience.

    Maybe the title of the song at the beginning?

    That is all. Bring on the next one!

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