Dan doesn’t know how to use the internet

Just you, in a chair, in a dark room

Sometimes one finds something that gets to the nub of what you’ve tried to articulate for a long time…

Something for the editors amongst us I think:


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  1. What an absolute tit.

    That was the most irritating 3 minutes of video I’ve seen in ages.

    In my experience, editing is sitting in a stuffy room with Dan Fryer for several hours, trying to put stuff in a pleasing order, and inexplicably laughing at misaligned cross-fades and fragmented soundwaves because the confinement starts sending us odd.

    This bloke talks like he’s the protagonist in a contemporary American novel. He even starts his first sentence with the word “So…” and imbues the whole thing with pseudo-intellectual drivel. It’s like reading “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” all over again.

    I hope he stays in his editing suite forever.

    Bill McKenna: nobody wants to be your friend.

  2. I thought it was ok. Your approach sounds a bit healthier though. Perhaps he needs a Dan Fryer of his own.

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