11 second club

hello bakers,

I invite you to assist me in this months 11 second club competition:


At the top of the page there is an audio clip lasting….11 seconds (believe it or not). The aim of the game is to come up with a scene to fit the audio clip. When we come up with a good idea I will then hopefully animate and enter it into the competition before the month is up.

Ideas on the back of a post card (PO BOX, Bakery HQ)…or alternatively in the comments section.

I look forward to your weird and wonderful ideas…

Chef Flex


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  1. What a weird little idea this is!

    (by the way, the sound clip keeps making me think of Geoff Island! Am I alone here?)

    It’s a hard one this Adam. What naturally springs to mind to me is a geeky little character at the foot of a vast white cliff, making bird-like gestures with his hands, and explaining this all to a bemused looking silent friend (a robot? a human? . . . a stuffed owl – Ha ha!)

    I don’t know if that’s inventive enough. And I don’t know where the singing fits in (a wireless on the beach?) but it’s what my mind keeps giving me.

    What are your ideas? Anything more off-the-wall?

    P.S. If you make a CGI Geoff Island I will give you a prize – ha ha!

  2. p trig


    its similar to richards idea, but how about some guy with a boomerang talking to some disinterested animal (http://www.highend3d.com/maya/downloads/character_rigs/Rhett-the-Clydesdale-5575.html) at the foot of ayers rock. cliché, sure.. but it would be a really easy background to make n would go well with that ethereal droning + if you made him look like some guy dressed in cliché australian gear (obvious dorky tourist, corky hat etc) it might look fun n get around the accent. miming a boomerang throw would be an effective piece of animation too

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