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to new film things i like…

Dan doesn’t know how to use the internet

Just you, in a chair, in a dark room Sometimes one finds something that gets to the nub of what you’ve tried to articulate for a long time… Something for the editors amongst us I think:

Sir Alan Sugar

Well, seeing as we appear to be taking it in turns to point out videos we like (and well done Dan, for your very worthy addition) then have a look at this joyous piece of editing. It’s had me chortling good and proper this morning. Ha ha. Oh, I’m going to go and watch it all over again. Right, you next Al.


Pretty amazing.

A good new thing…


Eben videos

This is the result of an evenings camera work down at Orange St. music club. Enjoy.

The return of Quentin Coming-Benson

I was horrified twice today, since finding this shit awful site Not only have they apparently stolen elements of the bakery blog’s design, but i found Tom German on there – masquerading as a trendy media ponce. Taking a normal photo, then photo shopping the buggery out of it to make it look all retro and ‘down with the kids’ – the typical trend on this website. I’m horrified. I thought Tom was a real man. Click above, to see the context which i saw him. Or alternatively, head on over to his ‘look profile‘ to be blown away.

scribblings in Coffee and Corks

A book has been placed in Canterbury’s ‘Coffee and Corks’ cafe. All visitors are free to fill it with whatever musings or comments that they wish, as they nibble on a slab of coffee cake or sip at a cup of herbal tea. Philosophy, jokes, inventions, confessions, desire – whatever spills from the nibs! It’s kind of a mini experiment in communicating ideas, and is planned to form part of a series of features by me and Dan for broadcast on BBC Radio Kent. So, get yourself along to ‘Coffee and Corks’ and get involved! Else, keep checking back here to be updated on our radio exploits. Cheers everyone, Richard

Gulbenkian Podcast, May: Beano Comics and Celebrity Dogging

It’s time for another trip to Canterbury’s top theatre for a freshly-baked Podcast, which this month – due to a technical error – ┬ácomes to you courtesy of robot duplicates of Richard and Dan. Sit back and join Robo-Dan and Robo-Rich as they chat with the comic book mind behind swathes of Bunty, The Beano, ‘Doctor Who?’ and more – Mr Tim Quinn! Also popping in for a natter is the one and only Arthur Smith, talking about his new autobiography, his memories of student life, and his eyebrow-raising pitch for Sky Television. NEW: LISTEN TO THE MAY PODCAST HERE

Sciences @ Kent

We made it! Finally we made it onto page 8 of the Sciences at Kent newsletter! All our hard work has been recognised! Well done everyone!