Gulbenkian Podcast, April: Mark Thomas, ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and the Jazz Man

Fresh out of The Bakery’s oven comes the April Podcast for Canterbury’s Gulbenkian Theatre.

This month, Dan and Richard usher you into a distinctly chilled-out and smoky mop cupboard, as the Gulbenkian Podcast turns into a mini jazz club to celebrate the Gulbenkian Jazz Singers Open Mic Night.

Joining them over by the bar, for a jazz cigarette and a bit of a shooby-dooby-doo, is ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ talking about their time at the University of Kent, and why their sitcom idea is a bit spermy at the moment. Also making an appearance among the pianos and bass-lines is comedian and political activist Mark Thomas, telling us why every laugh is a tiny revolution. You cats’d be crazy to miss it.


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  1. Apparently Matthew “Pappy’s Fun Club” Crosby found the experience of entering our Podcast Cupboard “mildly upsetting.”

    I can’t think why . . . I only made him impersonate his 3 fellow comedians with very little warning . . .

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