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Oh yes!

Now this is fucking genius. I found this amongst many other curiously simple recipes for inspiration here. Right! Who’s up for recieving the camera?

Radio Play-Doh

When I was a kid I had a toy machine that made play-doh shapes: spaghetti, cylinders, twisty coils, star shaped tubes . . . But the machine always had a quantity of play-doh stuck inside. To get this out (and therefore form the shapes) you had to push fresh play-doh in the back of the machine, and force the old play-doh out through the cutters. Meaning the new play-doh was now stuck inside. This also meant that if you didn’t play with the toy for a while, the play-doh stuck inside would dry out and make the whole process crumbly and dissatisfying. It appears that this process also holds true for the world of radio. For on Wednesday, Dan and I received some exciting news. You may remember our KONKERS feature on BBC Radio Kent last year, since producing which, we have been busily making a monthly podcast for the Gulbenkian Theatre. These audio baked goods appear to have gone down well, because the Ginger and the Brummie have had the carrot of persuasion dangled before our faces with the prospect of producing something similar for BBC Radio Kent. It’s all under-wraps for now, but we shall give you...

Gulbenkian Podcast, April: Mark Thomas, ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and the Jazz Man

Fresh out of The Bakery’s oven comes the April Podcast for Canterbury’s Gulbenkian Theatre. This month, Dan and Richard usher you into a distinctly chilled-out and smoky mop cupboard, as the Gulbenkian Podcast turns into a mini jazz club to celebrate the Gulbenkian Jazz Singers Open Mic Night. Joining them over by the bar, for a jazz cigarette and a bit of a shooby-dooby-doo, is ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ talking about their time at the University of Kent, and why their sitcom idea is a bit spermy at the moment. Also making an appearance among the pianos and bass-lines is comedian and political activist Mark Thomas, telling us why every laugh is a tiny revolution. You cats’d be crazy to miss it. NEW: LISTEN TO THE APRIL PODCAST HERE

9 hours and 8 minutes 50 seconds

Some how i have managed to shoot roughly 9 hours of footage for this film, to which only 8 minutes and 50 seconds get into the final cut. This to me is an obvious piece of evidence for the learning curve this project has been all about. Though not all of the other 8 hours, 51 minutes and 10 seconds have been wasted. They have given me a wealth of experience behind the camera, and also behind the computer. They have also given birth to some very funny things that inevitably happen when you press that red record button…

Confusing and Pretentious Trailers

It always amazes me how one can completely alter the story of a film, by creating a trailer. The two variables of condensing a story and making it appeal to a wide audience seem to do interesting things…especially when accompanied with an emotive soundtrack. I think ruining the original narrative in the form of a trailer is the best part of movie making. Well it is for me anyway.