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A favorite of mine at the moment. Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Gulbenkian Podcast, March: Pole dancers & Mark Steel

Yep, the March Podcast is here. Slightly later than planned, The Bakery is proud to announce our latest Podcast instalment, produced for the wondrous Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. This month, Dan and Richard prop open the mop cupboard door once again to give listeners the low down on the theatre’s acts and performances. There’s an interview with the fabulous comedian Mark Steel (including musing on the Puritans, student activism and Descartes’ reading habits); a competition where YOU can win 2 free tickets to see ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and (courtesy of an amazing piece of portable recording technology which deserves a Blog post of its own) a location feature on the University of Kent’s Pole Fitness Society. You should listen to this month’s Podcast, if only to hear mine and Dan’s attempts at pole dancing. Yes, we really did have a go. Ouch. NEW: LISTEN TO THE MARCH PODCAST HERE

Pioneering Kurdish Film Making!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Available Now to buy on DVD is the new small-budget animated film ‘The Legend of Kawa the Blacksmith.’ It is worthy of note for two specific reasons: Firstly, it is a pioneering Kurdish film (a full CG animation, with a choice of English-language or Kurdish audio track) and Secondly – to bring in the Bakery connexion – it features the voice of yours truly, Richard Dadd, playing the two Guardsmen. Only on the English audio track of course . . . my Kurdish is a bit rusty. Yes, that’s right. I’m at the forefront of Kurdish film-making! It was a pleasure to be invited to contribute to this charming production, and I wish Stuart and the rest of the production team the very best with any future features they might plan. And I’m always available to strain my larynx for any other fun roles they might ever have in store. Or anyone else for that matter.