Things make me go gooey at the knees…

1. When Al looks at me from across the room with his big baby blues…

2. The firey haired man.

3. These works of beauty.

ok…so the latter one, not so much. But the top two…ooooohh…pretty.


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  1. Oh, lovely stuff Adam.

    I love the atmosphere of the top one with the Japanese fisherman.

    The second one looks amazing. Liked the unexpected plot development . . . The one at 1.45 AND the one at 2.35. Beautiful animation.

    Not such a fan of the third one.

    Oh, and I never knew you were such a admirer of Old Blue Eyes King. But I know what that look usually means, and if you can withstand being given a loving that intense then you’re a braver man than I.

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