Apparently the third biggest religion in the world. Kicked off by ” Oobu the holy octopus”.

A bit of Konkerbury over elaboration in the sense that it could almost be real – this time in the form of a religion. Or at least I hope it is. It might actually be a crazy religion. :S



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  1. Glorious.

    I was enjoying it all heartily before I even discovered the Tarvupedia! What a thorough body of satirical work that is! The author does an accurate job of caricaturing scripture and theology and their innate inconsistencies.

    If the religions of the world could only boil their philosophies down to something as simple and useful as “Be Nice” without all the extraneous mythology and ceremony, I think the world would be a lot friendlier.

    But that’s never gonna happen.

    So Tarvu.com shall instead remain as an intelligent chuckle-source for the satirically-minded secularists and atheists among us.

    P.S. – If only Konkerbury could have been that massive! It’d be fantastic. Sadly, I think Alaric would rather kill me than deal with that much material. Ha ha!

  2. You could create a wiki for it. Konkerpedia or something. The backstory would grow quite easily.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see Tarvuism recently make an unexpected appearance in episode 6 of the wonderful BBC comedy series ‘Bellamy’s People.’

    Given Ropert Popper’s involvement, I suppose I should’ve seen it coming. A bit of creative cross-pollination every now and then can be a great thing.

    Plus, it is SO easy to join…

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