Dan Fryer…

Has been let go by the Bakery due to lack of communication with the kitchen – i.e. not answering his phone.

Sorry to see you go Dan.



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  1. about fucking time.

    he was useless anyway.

  2. Frankly this is a relief.

    The kitchen is running dangerously low on mayonnaise and “Light & Whippy” bars. Hopefully this shan’t be a problem from now on.

    Although, somebody is going to have to venture into his bedroom to reclaim the bakery’s various cooking utensils, which are currently covered in fluff and laundry and unidentifiable organic growth.

    Bagsy not me.

  3. Bagsy not me either.

    It’s up to Flex and Max (who has bills)


  4. Dear backstabbers,

    I’m glad to leave, and without you I can thrive like never before – you’ll be sorry, mark my words: “be sorry”.

    Now I’m off to speak to Quentin about his new film set in south side LA.

  5. Hi everyone,

    Glad you’ve taken me on – I’m sure I’ll be much better than that last guy Dan.

    But whatever you say about him he was good looking wasn’t he?

    Chef Stan

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