“Are you the farmer?”

Altogether now:

“Stop saying that Withnail, of course he’s the fucking farmer!”

. . .

We’ve talked about The Bakery having a joint-owned holiday home before now, for creative-breaks and relaxation, and I think I’ve found the perfect candidate.  

Speaking as somebody who is in the middle of moving house, and who is fed up with having to deal with landlords, I have to say I think it would be a perfect investment:  it hasn’t been lived in since 1955.

I am aware that some members of The Bakery might need their arm twisting about this, but that’s okay because we won’t even need to walk round and view the property, as someone’s already done it for us. (I particularly love the fact – 2min 30secs in – that there is actually a spade in the bath).

I’m ready to put my deposit down.

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