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A Walk Around Britain

After precisely 7 weeks of very hard work, i am somewhat honoured and happy to announce the launch of This is the 3rd website to go under the banner of The Bakery and will (if my gut is right) bring forth and prosperus era for all of us involved. Working closely with the boys (Ed, Will and Ginger),  having plenty of beautiful artwork availible (courtesy of one very talented lady called Shelley Mould), aided by a random Flasher (Max) and quick PHP genius of Ollie Buck, I (Alaric) have made another website. However, this site is slightly different from others i have made. Hopefully my hard work will enable the boys to put forth information and wisdom that will intrigue, entertain, make people smile and perhaps even tap a foot. Collecting boundless stories, songs, poems, folklore, herblore, images and videos i wish this site good luck in educating all of us, that there is more to Britain than the information confined in the box of a tabloid or the screens of our TV’s. In fact, i am the last person to be patriotic (and my friends will back up that comment), but the beautiful content these boys have...

“Are you the farmer?”

Altogether now: “Stop saying that Withnail, of course he’s the fucking farmer!” . . . We’ve talked about The Bakery having a joint-owned holiday home before now, for creative-breaks and relaxation, and I think I’ve found the perfect candidate.   Speaking as somebody who is in the middle of moving house, and who is fed up with having to deal with landlords, I have to say I think it would be a perfect investment:  it hasn’t been lived in since 1955. I am aware that some members of The Bakery might need their arm twisting about this, but that’s okay because we won’t even need to walk round and view the property, as someone’s already done it for us. (I particularly love the fact – 2min 30secs in – that there is actually a spade in the bath). I’m ready to put my deposit down.

Dan Fryer…

Has been let go by the Bakery due to lack of communication with the kitchen – i.e. not answering his phone. Sorry to see you go Dan. x

Tarvuism Apparently the third biggest religion in the world. Kicked off by ” Oobu the holy octopus”. A bit of Konkerbury over elaboration in the sense that it could almost be real – this time in the form of a religion. Or at least I hope it is. It might actually be a crazy religion. :S Adma

Things make me go gooey at the knees…

1. When Al looks at me from across the room with his big baby blues… 2. The firey haired man. 3. These works of beauty. ok…so the latter one, not so much. But the top two…ooooohh…pretty. Adam

Ever Tried? Ever Failed? No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

My thanks to the wise soul who sent that quote my way. Yep, it’s time for another wee update from Scribe’s Corner. This week, I’ve been reading the truly marvellous book The Writer’s Tale by Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook. Yes, it has a certain fiery ellipse on the cover, but this outstanding tome is not a book about Doctor Who. Not really. It’s about writing. In the author’s own words, it’s about how the act of writing is a “mad, sexy, sad, scary, obsessive, ruthless, joyful, and utterly, utterly personal thing.” Not only is this book fascinating and amusing, and possessive of that strangely voyeuristic pleasure of snooping on the correspondence of interesting people (for that is what the book is chiefly composed of). It is also oddly inspiring and reassuring. Reassuring because lengthy passages of it are spent by Davies describing the frustration and exhaustion and panic of bleeding oneself into ones own writing. Simply put, he describes all the shitty feelings that anybody whose every really written will be familiar with. The first 56 pages are available as a teaser on the official website for those who may be curious. It’s been a helpful companion...

Gulbenkian Podcast, February: Romancing Lucy Porter (plus bullet-proof pandas with David O’Doherty)

Come in from the blizzard and snuggle up warm in the mop cupboard – it’s time for the February Podcast! This month, Richard gets out the candles and wine and shares a Valentine’s meal deal with comedian Lucy Porter; the pant-wettingly hilarious keyboard comic Mr. David O’Doherty (Pampers on standby) does a poor job of selling his show; and the winner of the Gulbenkian Podcast Competition is announced! CLICK TO HEAR FEBRUARY PODCAST ON THE BAKERY AUDIO PLAYER

Icy Steps of Doom

I love our grumpy dissatisfied nation. The heavy snowfall this week has been great. And the first thing people do about it is whinge. Have a look at this clip of the BBC mischievously pointing a camera at a particular flight of stairs. I particularly enjoy the criticisms  from the man in the hat and glasses. Then again, maybe it’s just because they were filming in London. The campus of the University of Kent was a joyous winter wonderland, whereas London commuters are never happy. Ever.