BBC Radio Kent documentaries

In the river Stour lie two statues of underwater maidens. We ask the people of Canterbury for their theories on how they got there, before finding out who’s really responsible. We meet Devilstick Peat, a real-life Jester who ventures into warzones simply to make children smile. We read the innermost thoughts of anonymous coffee drinkers, scribbled in the notebooks at Coffee & Corks. And we chat with a novelist, a storyteller, and a ghost hunter, before revealing the true story of Canterbury’s 1647 abolition of Christmas. This series was commissioned for BBC Radio Kent by Dominic King after he heard our radio sitcom Konkers.

A Walk Around Britain podcast

One-off 30-minute podcast from deep in the woodland of Monmouthshire. This fireside interview offers a fascinating portrait of troubadours Will & Ed as they sleep beneath the stars, and walk around Britain singing for their supper. Turn your volume up, grab some nettle stew, and huddle round the crackling campfire, as you enjoy ancient songs and stories in the good company of this duo. A much reduced feature was broadcast as part of our BBC Radio Kent series, while this in-depth podcast found a home on Will & Ed’s website

The Gulbenkian Theatre podcast

Monthly podcast highlighting the best acts to be seen at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. Coming from our mop cupboard near the stage door, we’re joined by comedians, performers and musicians as we preview everything from physics lectures to pole dancing. Arthur Smith pitches his idea for TV Celebrity Dogging, Lucy Porter promises live shaving, and David O’Doherty lays down a phat beat with DJ Puppy Dog.


Best Scripted Radio Programme nominee – National SRA Awards 2007 Konkers is a sitcom demolishing the myth that student life is all hedonism and confidence. Instead, we present a line-up of the lonely, misguided and unfortunate students of Konkerbury. The kind who stay in to finish their essays, who suffer long-distance relationships, and who go to rubbish house parties. One of them talks to no-one but his pet owl. With an ensemble cast of comedy characters, elaborate stereo sound design, and 30-minute episodes, it was the first programme to enter production for CSRFM, ahead of the station’s launch in January 2007, and brought us to the attention of BBC Radio Kent. The show’s gargantuan marketing campaign included a tie-in satirical website, a series of short films, and one-off guerrilla magazine called The MNE.