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A lick of paint

We’ve had a little spring clean of our site, do come in and have a poke around. The previous re-design was SO July 2010 and our fashion-conscious Chef Alaric wouldn’t be seen dead in it anymore. He bundled it into a carrier bag last night and gave it to a homeless man who looked in need of a web presence. From today, we’re all gleaming minimalism… until next web season, when I hear comic sans and animated borders will be making a comeback.

Musical updates

After a slight delay (alright almost a year) we’ve just updated The Bakery’s film portfolio with our 2 Kent-flavoured music videos: Morning After by Arlet, and Edge of the Earth by Syd Arthur. Why not celebrate our administrative ineptitude by listening to both belters below…

Some recent work

The past couple of months have been somewhat busy down in the Kent offices of The Bakery, and it takes an idle late evening to finally get round to some overdue admin work. Please find below some of the things that i’ve been working on recently. Everything you see has been designed and made by myself (with the exception of the odd bit of artwork here and there).

We’ve redecorated

We hope you like it. The paint’s still wet in a few places, so please bear with us while we make the finishing touches. You’ll also notice that Chef Julian has returned from his 7 months travelling abroad. He has presents for everyone, but he’s also bought himself a new iPhone4 and will now resume his duties as our official representative on Twitter. So, have a look around – what do people think of version 3?

Why do a year in industry?

Ladies and gentlemen, the project we’ve been teasing you with for weeks: The Bakery is proud to present … It’s been hectic in The Bakery Kitchen putting this together. Click below to witness the very special blend of beer, immaturity and Macbook-poncery that goes into cooking up every intense Bakery product …


As with all major production companies nowadays, The Bakery has to face the problem of online spoilers. Whether it’s tabloid journalists tapping the phone lines of Coronation street scriptwriters; telephoto lenses snapping away at the new TARDIS design the BBC are trying to keep under wraps; or work-experience runners blabbing on forums about series finales, the internet is awash with premonitions of What Is To Come. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed 6 thrilling new photos that have recently appeared unannounced in the margin of this very blog. Who knows what they pertain to? Who took them? And where? Scour them for clues if you must, but we promise, all should be revealed some time in February . . . In the mean time, those who wish to avoid spoilers of forthcoming Bakery projects are advised to tape a strip of masking tape vertically down their screen for the next few weeks. If you’re the kind of person who likes things to remain a surprise then don’t click on the pictures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Other possible-spoilers doing their rounds on the Bakery Fan Forums include the apparent signing of Hugh Grant to play Geoff Island in a...

On the 1st day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . A JAM-PACKED RADIO OF JOY!

It’s here at last . . . the Bakery Audio Player! Our BAP is fresh out of the oven. Yes that’s right, all of The Bakery’s audio hotcakes are now available in one place. And what a sexy looking little place it is, courtesy of much interior decorating by Messrs Alaric King and Max Heide. So, whether you want to indulge in the studenty sitcom antics of Konkerbury, or revisit our Gulbenkian Podcasts packed to the brim with top comedians, it’s all here. In fact there is OVER SIX HOURS of free audio produce here for your delectation. And the list will keep getting bigger. So, without further ado, lend us your ears . . . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO STUFF

5 star cooking

This is a very generous review of a website i created for nature photographer Steve Bloom. Read it below, or alternatively make up your own mind here. This is probably the first project by a bakery chef  to appear in an international monthly publication, on the subject of photography.

A Walk Around Britain

After precisely 7 weeks of very hard work, i am somewhat honoured and happy to announce the launch of This is the 3rd website to go under the banner of The Bakery and will (if my gut is right) bring forth and prosperus era for all of us involved. Working closely with the boys (Ed, Will and Ginger),  having plenty of beautiful artwork availible (courtesy of one very talented lady called Shelley Mould), aided by a random Flasher (Max) and quick PHP genius of Ollie Buck, I (Alaric) have made another website. However, this site is slightly different from others i have made. Hopefully my hard work will enable the boys to put forth information and wisdom that will intrigue, entertain, make people smile and perhaps even tap a foot. Collecting boundless stories, songs, poems, folklore, herblore, images and videos i wish this site good luck in educating all of us, that there is more to Britain than the information confined in the box of a tabloid or the screens of our TV’s. In fact, i am the last person to be patriotic (and my friends will back up that comment), but the beautiful content these boys have...