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Here’s a topic for discussion. I truly believe that persistence is the most important quality when doing anything remotely creative. Skills and natural talent of course help an awful lot, but it’s persistence that makes our ideas see the light of day. Now meet The Treeman, a chap from Liverpool who can play the guitar and write songs. He’s become somewhat famous on YouTube because of the video below and is also a new hero of mine because if he embodies one thing, it’s persistence. If you’ve ever tried to do anything that is difficult, you will no doubt connect with this man. I do warn you, the video is a little alarming to start with but oh god, is it funny too. It’s to no surprise that he’s got a bit of a following because of that rather vibrant video. The more fantastic thing is that he’s actually finished recording an EP and is booking gigs off the back of this fame. Of course there are going to be a large amount of ironic fans out there, but i’d also like to think that the majority of the fans find something inspiring about him.  I’d hazard a guess...

Be humbled my fellow chefs…

Many are the times we’ve seen a mediocre production of a badly written script based on a lacklustre idea, and thought to ourselves, “it’s a crime that good money is being wasted on such arse.” But sometimes on the other hand, you just have to hold your hands up and admit that some people are just better than you, and feel humbled by their mere existence. This was certainly how I felt when I came across the gem that is “Dalston Superstars.” Enjoy!

Some recent work

The past couple of months have been somewhat busy down in the Kent offices of The Bakery, and it takes an idle late evening to finally get round to some overdue admin work. Please find below some of the things that i’ve been working on recently. Everything you see has been designed and made by myself (with the exception of the odd bit of artwork here and there).

School Portrait

This film was promoted in the local newspaper. Being the jaded cynic that I am, I obviously expected it to be rubbish. Well blow me, it’s actually very good. And in fact perfectly appeals to the jaded cynic in us all. I was so amused I thought I would share it with the rest of you…

I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

Jimmy Kimmel messes with the kids of America, which turns out to be pretty funny: Here’s a similar thing he did for Halloween:  

Advent calendar 24: Some traditional Christmas viewing

On the twenty-fourth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Some traditional Christmas viewing Yesterday I watched the first five minutes of this timeless delight, and was quickly reminded of an age when Christmas had a most definite magic to it. I can’t figure out if that’s because this film was a staple piece of my childhood viewing, or because it just perfectly conjures up the essence of Christmas. Perhaps it’s both. Either way, I simply can’t think of a more appropriate thing to put up as The Bakery’s last advent calendar entry. Enjoy.

Advent calendar 23: A Guest Post from our American Offices

On the twenty-third day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: A Guest Post from our American Offices Offering a pronounced change of pace than the usual creative hotcakes the Bakery churns out, today’s post is brought to you by our bigger, better and more fashionable American offices. We (and definitely Tom German) need not look much further than Michael Moore’s jeans to realize that us Americans have always had a special eye for fashion. Actually, what this post is about is the harsh realization of just the opposite. Americans have not only in the present day been ridiculed for our lack of fashion sense but historically as well. Did you know, this?!? It’s absurd, I know. As I dug deeper into this quagmire of harsh truths, what I unearthed was truly shocking. Now, I know that fashion is of great concern to the Bakery boys which is why I’ve felt it my imperative duty to share this life-changing knowledge of Anglo-American history through fashion with all of you. First of all, I don’t think anyone would disagree with me here that the Bakery is chalk full of trendsetting metrosexuals. It has even been rumoured that the highly acclaimed...

Advent calendar 22: Tom Lerman stories

On the twenty-second day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: A couple of Tom Lerman stories I had to attend a staff conference this year and found a personalised programme for a ‘Tom Lerman’ on my desk. It was obviously meant to read ‘Tom German’. However, I was inspired by this mistake and developed Tom Lerman into a complex alter ego: a super teacher and a fantastic lover. Please find below a couple of stories from the Tom Lerman series, coming soon to all plastic romance book carousels you find in airports and other cheap book outlets. Story One ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’ said Tom Lerman, casually drawing a long cigarillo from his velvet smoking jacket. Katrina von Tromp da Braas, top Swedish supermodel and now his lover, sashayed in from the dining area, naked except for a thin kaftan that obscured her sylph-like frame and pert, upturned breasts. ‘Tell me another story about how you got a grade 1,’ she purred. ‘Not now darling, I worry that your small female brain that is entirely equal to mine except in areas such as engineering and plug changing, can’t handle it’. The large ocean liner that had...

Advent calendar 21 (sort of…): A Film by Some Very Special People

On the ambiguous time between the 21st and 22nd day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Wit, Gin and a Jar of Mayonnaise There are days when you feel on top of the world and there are days when you’re really down in the dumps. There are some days when you’re asked to a garden party by Jim Al-Khalili, the widely respected scientific commentator, and there are other days that you spend editing sound effects for an up-coming smash hit that will appeal to film and literature fans alike with a bright-eyed tea demon from Birmingham. My day was very much like this last one. Therefore I must apologise for this flagrant abuse of blog etiquette in having not posted till now. I really don’t have an excuse. What I do have however, is a video. This summer I worked at an English Language School, the primary function of which was to teach young foreign teenagers (aged 8 – 14) how to speak the language commonly known as English (and uncommonly known as ‘Anglo-Jute-Saxon-Latin-Francish; Linguistic joke there). Originally I was being brought on as ‘Programme’, or ‘man who gets the kids to have fun between lessons’. However, at the last...

Advent calendar 21: Dan Doesn’t Do Blog Posts

In the absence of our Dan Fryer, please enjoy a selection of other Dan Fryers as a consolation prize… This Dan Fryer is registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and holds an MSc in rational-emotive and cognitive behaviour therapy from Goldsmiths College. He is also a graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. This Dan Fryer is an Animal Consultant who says “as long as I can remember I have had an interest in animals. This has led me to many different places throughout the world, connecting me with some truly inspirational characters and astounding creatures.” While this Dan Fryer is from Melton Mowbray and is “currently training with two coaches at the minute. The first one is Andrew Turner and the second is David Pinthol. One is in Essex and one is in London.” Last but not least, this Dan Fryer is a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He teaches systemic-functional grammar and academic writing at Oslo University College, Østfold University College, and the University of Oslo, Norway.